Do subsites or images get purged? Do you housekeep?

We monitor the volume of images that are “favorited” and downloaded from each of the subsites we pore through. If we find that few or no users are interested in images from certain subsites, we will remove those subsites from our index. By doing this, we can keep FlipperVolt indexing the more popular and interesting subsites.

Additionally, twice a day, we run a process that preserves a specific number of the latest images from each subsite and remove any images that exceed that quantity. Images that are favorited by as few as one user are protected from deletion from the index. Additionally any image that has been downloaded more than 10 times also is protected from being deleted from the index.

The goal of our housekeeping procedures is to ensure that the index of images does not get unwieldy and slow down the system. It is highly recommended that you visit FlipperVolt often to see the latest images. If you skip several days, you are likely to miss images from the more active subsites.

Please be aware, however, that even if you favorite an image, it is no guarantee that the image will remain available to you. We do not store images. If the original image is removed from the source, then your favorite will not appear any longer. If you really like an image, you should save/download it.