Can I request an image be removed?

FlipperVolt is strictly an image viewer, and simply displays images found on image feeds. FlipperVolt does not claim copyrights on any images displayed in the viewing window.

Please note that images you see in the viewing window may be copyrighted. If you are copyright owner or have another reason you’d like an image to be prohibited from appearing on this site, look for the “report this image” link under the viewing window. The image in question will be marked in our system so that it will not appear again for other users. Upon our review of your explanation for blocking the image we may or may not return the image to circulation.

Please also note that a particular image may get re-blogged and/or reposted over many sources. We can only block an image as it appears on a particular feed, and have no means for blocking that same image if it appears on other feeds, unless each appearance is reported.

The best way to reduce the chances of images appearing on FlipperVolt is to remove them from the original feed source (e.g., Reddit, Tumblr, etc.)